The Cost Of A Non-Surgicalnose Reconstruction

Apart from performing nose surgery to correct a defect of the nose, you can decide to use thenon-surgical method to do the same job. Botox has been known to be very effective as it can be used to change the angle of the tip of the nose to be proportional to the upper lips. In general, a non-surgical nose correction, uses a kind of filler, that is, Juvederm, Restylane,or Radiesse to make the correction of the nose. The nose fillers Singapore will be able to fix this in the most professional way.

Why Nose Fillers Singapore

At the Nose Fillers Singapore, you will be able to be served by professional surgeons who will offer a permanent filler for your otherwise crooked nose, which will work perfectly well with you. The fillers work perfectly well, especially if the nose has a pushed in anappearance on one side. In case the nose has a moderate hump, it can be worked on by injecting filler below or above the hump. Tip contouring can also be done using the fillers.The cost of the filler vary depending on the type of filler to be used, where you are performing the non-surgical, who is doing the filling and other things like, how bad your nose is.

Use of Botox

When there are some wrinkles which are created when the upper muscles of the nose contract, Botox is the best thing to use. Using Botox won’t change the shape of the nose at all because,the size, the shape, and the proportions will still remain the same as before the Botox is injected.

The cost price of the non-surgical filler for the nose could be roughly between $600 and $1,000. Share the information with others so that they get to know about it.

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