The Club

Being owned by moms, it has many people from across the globe whom would like to join it. As the name suggest, it is a moms’ club and they normally gather to see how they are going to entertain themselves or provide entertainment. Most of the things they discus is about fashion, suitable music and the things that affect mothers when it comes to clubbing and entertainment. It is a blog that invites members from across the world and you can become a member upon payment of the required amount. Do you have the myth that single mums are the only ones who should go clubbing? Follow it and you will see how wrong you are.

For one to become a member, you need to choose the type of membership.

#1. Standard member

This is membership of just knowing what is happening in the Mums’ clubbing industry but you are not involved in their discussions and meetings. You will just be getting the updates and the conclusions of discussed agendas. It goes for $20 per month which you renew every month after subscription period elapses.

#2. Premium

You have the audacity to speak up, involve yourself in the amendment of the rules and principles of the club and you can even suggest the discussion of a certain topic. In this membership, you can attend live meetings and meet with your fellow mums and share what is popping on your chest, speak up and clear what you have inside you.